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Aluminium is cast into two main shapes – ingots and billet. In these forms, the metal is known as primary aluminium. 



Ingots are high purity product, containing more than 99% aluminium. They are commonly remelted by casthouses that do not have a smelting facility and often are used to make speciality products such as aeronautical and electronic items.

Ingots are cast by pouring molten metal into 22 kilogram moulds and chilled by water surrounding the mould. They are automatically stacked, strapped and weighed into one tonne bundles ready for shipment.

Almost 70 per cent of the aluminium product produced at BSL is in ingot form and is exported to the South East Asian market. 



Billet is mostly used as an extrusion product in the production of window frames, yacht masts and door frames. Extrusion involves heating the metal and forcing it through a mould.

It is cast according to customer requirements using a process known as vertical drill chill casting. It is used for further processing in Australia, and for export to extrusion mills all over the world.