About UsOwnership

Boyne Smelters Limited’s joint venture partners are comprised as follows:

  Shareholding percentage in BSL
Rio Tinto Alcan 59.39%
UACJ Australia 9.43%
Southern Cross Aluminium  7.57%
Ryowa Development 5.27%
Ryowa Development II 6.34%
YKK Aluminium 9.50%
Sumitomo Chemical 2.50%


  • UACJ Australia is owned by UACJ Corporation
  • Southern Cross Aluminium is owned by Marubeni Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation
  • Ryowa Development is owned by Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Australia
  • Ryowa Development II is owned by Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
  • BSL is managed by Pacific Aluminium, a division of Rio Tinto Alcan.

Zip it

One of BSL’s Japanese owners, the YKK Group, are the world’s largest zipper manufacturer.  If you have any metal zipper on clothes or other items that are stamped with YKK, chances are the aluminium has been made at BSL.