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Ten years into operation, BSL produced more than 230,000 tonnes of aluminium per year. Despite a difficult global aluminium market, it was determined an expansion of BSL was an important strategic objective for the medium to long-term outlook.

The expansion commenced in 1995, with a total $900 million invested to increase BSL’s capacity to over 540,000 tonnes per year. The two-year project also saw new social infrastructure provided for the Boyne Island and Tannum Sands community, including new roads, waste water connection to provide water for sporting fields, construction of additional sporting fields, contributing to the main bridge connecting Boyne Island and Tannum Sands and extensions to the ocean- and river-front bike and walking tracks.

In June 2012, the smelter completed a $720 million upgrade - the Boyne Smelters Development (BSD) project. This project included building a new carbon bake furnace to replace two existing furnaces, re-building the smelter’s third furnace, an upgrade of crane runways and installation of new overhead cranes, as well as the installation of an automated alumina distribution system in reduction lines 1&2.

The new carbon bake furnace - alone costing $330 million - is more energy efficient and has greatly reduced the smelter’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The expansion and modernisation of BSL means the smelter is well placed to continue operating as an efficient and environmentally sustainable smelter for many years to come.


View the carbon bake furnace upgrade fact sheet.

Building our future

The construction of BSL’s new $330 million carbon bake furnace included the use of over 3.5 million refractory bricks, 34,000 tonnes of concrete, over 14,000 pieces of steel and took 1.3 million man hours to complete.